Discovery calls

If you pass the SDRs test the SDR sets up a meeting with a sales person or sets up the meeting and a 5-10 min discovery call 3 days before the meeting. The EA (sales rep) mustn’t go in cold. They must go to meeting knowing the lead is a good one and have some info so they can tailor the physical meeting. AE simply shows them the small part of the system that solves their needs. Don’t show the whole system or do a tour.

Sometimes it can be the EA that does this qualification sheet. If so do they still do the 5-10 min discovery call. Sometimes the qualification call is the SDR and the salesperson. AB test if best results from SDR booking the discovery call and meeting or salesperson booking just the discovery call.

A good SDR should make the salesperson look like they are more knowledgeable. SDR never talks price, just have we got the right person and what is their problem.

Do do a discovery call with the wrong person in the right firm. Is fine to talk to the boss of the decision maker, person below or person on their level in other but related functions. So for targeting GC you do a call with VP Sales. In meeting “I was intrigued about what you said on our call about….Can we delve into that for a moment” Good opener. The best salesperson is a person you don’t think is a salesperson. One company where CEO was excellent salesperson the buyer thought the company had no sales people. The best sales people are consultative, not salesy.